Agriculture Pollution Innovation

Clear Water Nitrate Reduction


Clear Water was started by Ian Roback in 2020 and began building high quality pollution-remediation systems for research. Because similar systems have proven effective in other countries, Clear Water moved from a workshop in Ian’s dorm room, to a larger space located in Northfield, MN in February 2020. Clear Water now seeks to employ executives to aid Ian Roback, who designs, builds, and tests each new system. The great majority of areas Clear Water serves will be rural, low-income areas which require their systems and educational programs to be long-lasting and affordable.

Recent research indicates that the geographic environment is creating a rapidly increasing demand for nutrient pollution remediation that creates high-quality, sustainable job growth within poor communities. We are excited to have this opportunity to apply our vocational interests and experience to meet a need we had experienced ourselves. At the same time, we step out of the corporate environment into a growing organization that allows us to work in the areas of our greatest passion. The image is taken from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

Our Vision

Together we can create the innovative technology that will reduce pollution in high-need areas and educational programming for our members to act with the backing of socially responsible companies.

We are always socially-responsible companies who seek to reduce pollution in areas they might not otherwise have the ability to – and are specific to Southern Minnesota at the moment. We hope that we can band together with like-minded folks to provide pollution abatement technology to institutions and individuals who want to reduce their pollution in heavily polluted areas.